Marisha Legan – Johnson
Child Like (Kids)

Marisha was born and raised in Texas surrounded by the church. Both of her granddads were pastors so church was something ingrained at a young age. She truly found Christ upon moving to Los Angeles in 2011 where she discovered that church wasn’t something preached but it was God living in and through you.

Marisha’s love for children was always present as she was going throughout life. Watching the kids at her grandparents church, teaching kids dance in high school, working as a intern for a children’s ministry, acting and dancing at theme parks for kids, everything she did had the spirit of children involved.

After completing performing arts school she made it an effort to connect with children and became a nanny on the side of performing. Now she is able to use both her love for the arts, God and kids to help be a light for God to shine through to help enlighten His little ones.