Robert Wu
The Planner (Finance)

Robert was born in San Francisco and was raised in a Catholic school setting, where he was taught about God through religion and ritual. Then several years later, after having landed in Los Angeles (via then girlfriend’s quest for stardom), believing to have found the one true God, he hungrily sought a relationship with Him through diligent prayer, reading and memorizing scriptures, and going to church services several days a week.

But after that church was rocked by scandal and disbanded and also going through his own personal faith-stretching trials, he realizes now that he is and will continue to be a work-in-progress, constantly being molded and remolded by the loving hands of the Master Artist.

Robert works in the entertainment industry, where he has been blessed with a successful career as a writer and performer. He and his wife Theresa have lived happily in Los Feliz for about ten years.

Oh, and he’s also a rabid sports fan, enjoying everything from boxing to baseball, and in his mind, he was well on his way from Monday morning quarterback to “all-pro” until his body was suddenly wracked with the insurmountable duty of… raising a child. Now the only weights he curls are his two precious little girls.